Joshua Lang is a Photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Specializing in Toy and Product photography. Started in 2013, Plastic Spark Photography has grown from a toy junkie's small blog posts to a full fledged photography and review website and social media community. 

"The Transformers" are my all time favourite toy line and franchise and as such much of my work revolves around the wonderful toy robots both official and unofficial that take up so much of my time. I also enjoy Video games, Comics, Manga and Anime and collect a number of other lines outside of Transformers.

Whether it's a basic shot of a toy for an Ebay Auction or an elaborate set up with fire and props I approach each shot with the same care and attention to detail. Toys and figures are as capable of conveying emotion and intrigue as any human subject, if approached in the right way. I hope you will enjoy what you see!