Top 10 Transformers Toys of 2018

Top 10 Transformers Toys of 2018

This list is for Transformers figures, both licensed and third party. You can check out my Top 10 Toys of 2018 list here. This list is based on figures I have purchased, or traded for, to add to my own collection in 2018. I have excluded figures that were on loan from friends, or provided to me as samples by manufacturers for review purposes. This also means that some figures may have been purchased in 2018 but may not have necessarily been released in 2018. Without further ado, let’s get into the list!

#10. Power of the Primes - Punch / Counterpunch

His functionality is severely lacking but he pulls off the gimmick extremely well and looks great in both modes. Add to that an Amazon sale so I could get him for $18 CAD and I’m a happy camper.

#9. Power of the Primes – Leader Evolution Optimus Prime/Orion Pax

Putting this guy low on the list as he is missing a lot of articulation I’d expect on a modern figure and like the rest of the PotP line he’s covered in some truly awful stickers. Those aside, I really enjoy the evolution gimmick and both Orion Pax and Optimus Prime look great in my collection.

#8. Power of the Primes – Terrorcon Blot

Between Unique toys amazing rendition, and this awesome little troll shaped dude, Blot has surely become the favorite of the Terrorcons among the fandom. I love his little pincers and his head/face sculpt is, in my opinion, one of the best in the line.

#7. Power of the Primes – Leader Evolution Optimus Primal

Another insanely fun use of the Evolution gimmick employed by the leader class figures in PotP. The Optimus Primal figure is fairly basic but has some surprising points of articulation due to the way he transforms. The combined form is incredibly fun and highly articulated with almost every point of movement I could ask for in a main-line offering. As a bonus these two are incredibly easy to separate without sacrificing any component of either bot unlike the Optimus/Orion set.

#6. MP-38 Beast Convoy (Legendary Leader) / MP-37 Artfire

These two couldn’t be more different and yet, they share a spot on my top 10 for the same reason. These are both absolutely stunning redecos of already amazing Masterpiece figures. The Tampograph work on Artfire is absolutely gorgeous and his Target Master is a lot of fun. The ability of MP-38 to replicate both the original Optimus Primal toy as well as the Beast Wars II anime appearance is a twofold treat for a Beast Wars fan like myself. I don’t typically double dip on MP releases unless they are different characters but I have a lot of fond feelings for the original Optimus Primal toy as he was a childhood favorite. I needed this version of Optimus Primal in my collection as well.

#5. Iron Factory War Giant

This is an incredible set all in. Each individual bot is a ton of fun but I would single out Spin Vulture aka Vortex as the star of the set. Highly poseable, well built, colorful, and a combined mode that puts the other gigantic options to shame in both style and build quality. The inclusion of a black and pink “Combiner Hunters” variant of their Pink Assassin figure to go with it is the icing on the cake. A bit pricey all things considered but the final quality was well worth my investment and I’d be interested in grabbing more combiners from Iron Factory in the future.

#4. Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege – Voyager Optimus Prime

Siege snuck in under the wire, hitting shelves around me in mid-December. The first wave of Siege is an impressive collection but the true standout figure of the line so far is this Voyager Optimus Prime figure. Great playability, a fun but simple transformation, a decent amount of accessories, mostly great paint (the battle damage is a bit hit or miss), and an astounding amount of cross play functions with the rest of the line. The increased price point is a bit of a bummer but I truly believe we are getting better quality figures so far in this line compared to previous years.

#3. MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker

Masterpiece Sunstreaker continued the focus on paint, accessories, and incredible articulation that Takara has been showing in the Masterpiece line as of late. Toon accurate to a fault for some, this little yellow daredevil is an impressive feat in engineering and represents another step towards completing the Autobot roster with official Masterpiece figures from Takara! Loaded with character specific accessories including our first official Chip figure this set is a welcome addition to the collection despite his higher than average price point.

#2. Power of the Primes – Titan Class Predaking

I’m a sucker for combiners. I’m also a sucker for lion themed giant robots. Any bot design that looks like it could be friends with Voltron and GaoGaiGar in its spare time is a good design by me. Power of the Primes Predaking is my third full combiner team based on the G1 Predacons with MMC Feral Rex and UT Warlord both occupying their own territories in my collection for various reasons. Now, full disclosure Predaking is not on this list for his individual components. Hasbro did not produce quality individual bot and beast modes for this set. They were not up to par with the Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors Constructicons who themselves were also quite basic all things considered. Heck they probably aren’t on par with the G1 Predacons let’s be real here. Predaking made it to #2 on this list solely due to his amazing combined mode. This is the most articulated and well balanced Predaking figure you can get. Now, he certainly owes some thanks to some of the hollow/light elements Hasbro designed into the individual figures allowing him to pull off poses and stances that his heavier, more expensive brethren can only dream about. He can do the Iron Man, he can do high kicks, he can hold his sword in his hand and hold his arm outstretched. Well… he doesn’t come with a sword, but you get the idea. Predaking is big, and fun, and not quite #1.

#1. MP-41 Masterpiece Dinobot

Like death and taxes the only other certainty in life is that I will put a Beast Wars Masterpiece on a top 10 list. If you’ve been following my work you know I couldn’t say enough good things about this release. I’m convinced that Takara is a company run by wizards who used their dark magic and power over the supernatural to create an absolutely stunning work of art.  Dinobot is as show accurate as he can be while still remaining a functional, transforming toy. His included accessories are all on point and incredibly well done and his laser eye gimmick made my heart skip a beat the first time I saw it. The cost of this piece was substantial and I certainly don’t condemn anyone who didn’t want to pay it, but this was a must have for me and did not disappoint in the slightest. Masterpiece Dinobot is without a doubt my #1 Transformers figure of 2018… and I have a feeling he won’t be the last Beast Wars MP to make it into one of my Top 10s.

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