Mini Review - Leader Class Autobot Jetfire

This guy was a long time coming. Numerous lawsuits between Harmony Gold (The license holder for Macross) and Hasbro have waylaid Jetfire's arrival for years amidst a pile of paperwork but now he's finally here in all his fastpack toting glory! 

Jetfire has a removable fastpack just like the original toy, as well as a "battle mask" that resembles his original toy's Valkyrie head sculpt. The head underneath heavily references the cartoon animation model so we get a toy that's the best of both worlds! The only thing missing is a gerwalk mode but if you get creative enough I'm sure you could even figure that one out. 

Jetfire did get some flack however for being one of the first new leader class figures in the new budget. Littered with hollowed out spots and lacking wrist swivels and ankle tilts many fans were turned off by the new standard of the leader class Transformer. While I do personally feel Jetfire was a good pickup, he certainly has a hard time justifying his full price point. Luckily for many fans however he ended up being sold at a discount, around $30 in many places which was a much more attractive price even considering his flaws.