Mini Review - DX9-D04 OP Armor Set

This little upgrade kit is an awesome way to turn your Voyager Evasion Optimus Prime from Age of Extinction in to an homage to God Ginrai from Transformers Masterforce. 

The kit itself is quite simple and easy to install. The head is removed via a small screwdriver and the new head is popped on. The only real concern with this kit is that some of the 5mm pegs tolerances are very tight and could break if improperly installed or if you try to remove them. The pegs on the foot parts are notorious for being incredibly tight and I would recommend you give them a light sanding before installation. There is very little chance these feet parts are coming off once installed so be sure you want to convert your Evasion Prime before installation. 

* The katana shown in the images is not included with the kit. It is from Marvel Select Deadpool, I just borrowed it for the gallery.