Mini Review - DC Collectibles Arkham Knight

I was so excited to get this figure when I saw it on a store shelf in EB games. The design of the Arkham Knight has intrigued me since the moment I saw the first trailer for the video game. The sculpting and paint on this figure are amazing but unfortunately the same can't be said for the articulation. I hate it when I find myself in this situation, with a fantastic looking "action figure" that is really no more than a glorified statue. Single jointed elbows and knees, with extremely limited hip and shoulder articulation. He can't even hold his rifle in both hands for crying out loud! If he could at least stand in a basic ready pose with his gun against his body I would say this is a good enough figure for a Batman display, but honestly even his most basic standing pose just looks unnatural. I can not in good conscience recommend this figure to anyone but die-hard Batman completionists. 

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