Review - Fans Hobby MB-06A Black Power Baser

Fans Hobby has followed up last year’s MB-06 Power Baser with a gorgeous Nucleon flavored re-deco in MB-06A Black Power Baser. This review is based on a pre-release sample provided by Fans Hobby.

For the core review of this figure I would suggest checking out my review of MB-06 Power Baser here. I won’t spend a lot of time covering the basics as the functionality of the figure is nearly identical to the original release with a couple new additions.

The modified components are a new Bumper on the core vehicle can now be folded in to provide a leaner aesthetic in combined mode. This is a small touch but adds a lot to the overall look of the figure. The combined mode also includes the new articulated hands for the MB-06 design. The hands are the same as the upgraded hands for MB-06 in black. As I stated in my review for the upgraded hands on the original Power Baser which you can see here, I really wish that the fingers were different lengths as they look unnatural in certain poses.

The figure itself is absolutely gorgeous in the new deco. The matte black color scheme is beautiful and one of my favorite elements is the windshield color swap that occurs between the truck, the core robot, and the combined mode. The switch from blue to red is dramatic and fun to see while transforming the figure.

Metallic chrome blue eyes help the figure stand out as a Nucleon Quest inspired figure rather than the Nemesis repaint many mistake it for. There is also a swap out clear piece and integrated LED feature in the head the same as the original release. The LED could stand to be a bit brighter as it needs to be pretty dark in the room to see the effects. This was an issue with the original release as well.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t love a black repaint? Let’s be real here. If you liked Power Baser, then you’ll like Black Power Baser. If you like Nucleon Quest Super Convoy you’ll like Black Power Baser. If you like big ass armor gimmick transforming robots you’ll like Black Power Baser. I think you get the idea. With the exception of the finger length and LED brightness there’s very little to criticize. Fans Hobby MB-06A Black Power Baser is every bit as awesome as the original release, in a super cool black deco. Get him on your shelf and love him like I do!


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