Mini Review - CM’s Corporation - Gutto Kuru – Ginrai (Transformers Masterforce)

I know, I know... What the heck is this fleshling doing in the Transformers section? Well, this is a licensed official figure of Ginrai by CM's Corp! It seems fitting that he should find his home among his fellow official Transformers toys. I picked up this figure from a local collector a few years back after binge watching Transformers: Masterforce. I really enjoyed the series and in particular I liked the character of Ginrai. The Reluctant truck driver turned Powermaster/Godmaster became one of my favourite Autobot leaders in short time. The CM’s Corp Gutto Kuru Ginrai figure was more of a curiosity to me than an essential purchase but for a good local deal I couldn’t pass it up. He’s been living in his box for the last couple years and I just finally took the opportunity to free him from his plastic prison and get him in front of the camera.

This Ginrai figure is a looker there’s no doubt about that. The detail put into the Powermaster suit, varying facial expressions and helmet are all very impressive as a display piece. Unfortunately Ginrai is just that; a display piece. Despite seemingly being quite articulated his shoulder, chest, and waist/pelvis armour cause a serious hindrance when it comes to posing. He can pull off an A stance and some decent arm gestures with his shoulders down but if you try for anything more expressive you run the risk of damaging the figure. The large Powermaster component on his back also limits articulation and causes him to be fairly back heavy. The joints are not very stiff though this may be due to the age of the figure in question as well.

I can’t say it’s a figure I would recommend unless you can pick him up for a good price and you are really into the Masterforce series. I like the way he looks and if I had a dedicated spot to display him with a God Ginrai I would keep him out but for now he’s going back in the box. There is also a Minerva in this line as well but without Go Shuta and Cab I don’t really feel the need to collect the set. 

Check out the gallery below and let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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