Review - Figma Deadpool DX ver.

The Merc with a mouth finally makes his Figma debut and let me tell you folks, this is one spicy chimichanga!!! Ok I promise I won’t actually fill this review with Deadpool-isms, or at least I will try not to. Figma Deadpool comes in two flavors; Spicy (Regular) and Extra Spicy (DX)… Shit I’m doing it again. Ok enough Mexican food references I’m here to talk about toys!

"Would you look at the time. I'm late for my own review!"

I opted for the DX version of Deadpool as the bonus accessories are incredible for the value in my opinion. In fact I would say this is the first time I’ve ever truly felt that the DX version of a Figma has been absolutely necessary.

The standard load out includes:

· 1 x Figma Deadpool. (Duh!)

· 3 x Faceplates, standard, quizzical, and smiling. Painting is clean and crisp with very few flaws.

"A face only a mudda could love."

· 2 x Katanas with painted handles and blades. The handles are painted in black and red with a beautiful wrapped pattern. The blades have a ripple effect painted on to simulate the pattern created by differential tempering, a process performed during the forging and creation of traditional Japanese katana.

"Slice 'n' dice!"

· 2 x Katana handles and scabbards. The sword scabbards on the back are non-functional and the handles can be plugged in to simulate the swords being stored. This prevents damage to the painted blades. The scabbards are pegged in and can be removed entirely, or repositioned so the swords can be displayed over one shoulder, or in the familiar “X” pattern.

· 1 x Combat Knife. Unlike the sword, the knife actually stores in a holster on DP’s left leg. The blade is painted silver and the handle is glossy red and black.

· 2 x Pistols. One is a modern style sidearm, possibly fictional model. The other is a revolver of some kind. I’m not sure why they opted for asymmetrical guns but it honestly isn’t an issue, and a bit of variety is nice. I don’t know what the guns actually are, I am not knowledgeable on the subject.

· 2 x Pistol Handles. Similarly to the swords, the gun holsters are non-functional and faux parts are included to show the guns being holstered without risking damage to the actual guns. The only downside to this is that the parts are keyed to specific holsters, meaning if you buy 2 Deadpools to get matching guns you can’t show him with 2 of the same gun holstered without modification.

· 13 x interchangeable hands. (HOLY HUGH JACKMAN’S ABS THAT’S A LOT OF HANDS!)
2 closed fists, 2 gripping hands, 2 trigger grips hands, 2 splayed hands, 2 hands that form a heart when put together, and can also be used to support larger weapons. 1 pointing right hand, one thumbs up right hand, and one “hang loose” left hand.

· 1 x Figma stand and accessory bag.

The DX version includes all of the above and adds:

· 1 x Alternate head sculpt. Deadpool is shown with his mask pulled up, scars and all, with his mouth full of delicious chimichanga goodness.


· 2 x Rifles. These appear to be fictional sci-fi style models but again I know next to nothing.

"Time to get shooty!"

· 2 x Sai daggers. Unlock your inner Raphael with these bonus weapons! Only drawback is there’s no way to store them.


"Cowabunga dude!"

· 2 x Legs and waist cover. Deadpool’s pasty whites are on display complete with nasty sores and his ever so elegant heart patterned boxers. The waist piece can be attached on its own if you want DP to wear some heart patterned briefs over his suit. (Superman style.)

· 1 x Chimichanga accessory, and a matching interchangeable hand to hold onto it. It’s got a bite out of it!

That is an impressive bonus package of goodies and well worth the approximately 1000 JPY price bump. The bonus parts come packaged in a separate white box included inside the main figure box. The figure itself is also packaged in a special DX box that is, to my knowledge, the same size and features artwork specific to the DX ver.

Deadpool’s articulation is, from my personal experience, the best that Figma has ever done. I’ve been let down by Figma articulation in the past but let me tell you there is almost nothing that Deadpool can’t do. Figma went to town on the articulation on this guy in the same kind of way they did for Solid Snake, allowing DP to pull off all kinds of awesome acrobatics, fight poses, and military style articulation. In fact the only thing I found even remotely limited were his wrists as they are slightly hindered by his forearm guards. This isn’t a huge issue as the guards are made of a flexible material and it just takes a little extra work to get his hands doing what you want. Flexible materials are used in a number of other places including the chest, allowing for a deep ab crunch, as well as his various belts and pouches, his pelvis and his shin guards. Every time I tried to put Mr. Pool into a pose that I didn’t think would work, he answered by pulling it off beautifully. Bravo Figma, my hat is truly off to you on this release!

Aesthetically, I dig what Figma is putting down. It’s a slimmer, more agile build than your early D-Piddy designs, more reminiscent of the Marvel Now series artwork. The sculpt is beautiful with a number of wrinkles and some shading used to emphasize that this is meant to be a human being inside a suit, and not just a painted on spandex costume. Figma has always been great when it comes to layering, so the belts and armor pieces on DP’s suits are well done as I would expect. His little logo on his teleporter belt looks great and the silver clips up his torso are very nice.

"This teleporter belt is amazing!
It works at least 40% of the time!"

"This is a 60% moment. Worth it!"

Deadpool is a bit small compared to domestic figures but lined up with other Figmas he looks fine, and even in action poses with Marvel Legends and the like, you can make it work with perspective or ridiculous poses. You don’t pay all this import money to have Deadpool stand next to Marvel Legends Wolverine and scratch his ass do you? No you want him doing some crazy backflips! Jumping over dogs and small children! Deadpool stuff! Don’t let his size deter you! Trust me, this figure punches up!

"Are you not entertained!?!"

I have only 2 complaints about Figma Deadpool. In fact, I don’t even think they can be called complaints as they really don’t take away from my enjoyment but they should be noted. On the normal heads, the front face-plate and the rear of the head are slightly different colours, likely due to being made of different plastics is my guess. As well on the standard heads there is an awful seam gap due to the face swap gimmick. No matter how hard you press the face on, you can’t close the gap, and since Deadpool doesn’t have hair or a helmet like many other Figma products, the seam is incredibly evident. It would have been better had all the heads been swappable full heads like the DX head swap, rather than trying for a traditional Figma face swap gimmick.

"I stole this gun from a weird anime girl!"

My other concern is limited to the DX option, and that is the method required to swap out the legs. The ball joints on The Poolman’s hips are tight and great for posing, but they can be a bit difficult to remove the legs without risking damage. I’m not worried about the materials used, everything feels very sturdy and in my personal experience I’ve never broken a Figma. (Don’t talk to me about Revoltech though lol). I’ve popped mine off and back on multiple times but eventually I will purchase a second Deadpool to keep one in boxers and one in the suit at all times. It may just be me being overly paranoid but with how much I enjoy this figure, the last thing I want to deal with is a breakage down the road.

Final Thoughts

Figma Deadpool is hands down one of the best products I have handled all year. He is easily the best Figma I have ever handled. Figma Deadpool is quite simply a ton of fun. I spent multiple late nights shooting non-stop without even noticing the time go by. I literally cannot put this toy down. I’m buying a second one as soon as I can fit it into the budget. That’s how good this toy is.

"Prepare for a fisting!"

I think the only thing that would keep anyone from enjoying this Figma Deadpool, is the aesthetic. If you prefer a beefier comic style Deadpool. Something like the Revoltech or the Marvel Legends might be more your flavor. If you just can’t get past his size… well I think you need to get over it but at the end of the day it’s your collection, you gotta enjoy it. If you dig the anime/movie aesthetic that he has going on and you want a well built, hyper poseable, incredibly expressive Merc with a Mouth than this is the Deadpool for you. Splurge on the DX version if you can, if only for the extra head and chimichanga. I solemnly swear on Betty White’s granny fro, and Bea Arthur’s good looks that you won’t be disappointed.  

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