Gallery - GCreation GDW-01 Ultra Maxmas

I can't really say I enjoyed my time with this piece. If you like the early IDW style aesthetics of the bot mode it can be pretty fun but I found it to be a mixed bag when it came to quality and joint tolerances. The transformation is long and arduous but not particularly difficult if you have a video to follow along with. I don't tend to review pieces like this when I don't feel the piece is up to my personal tastes, but also I feel like a review might be unfair as it would be based on my experience with the figure more so than the merits of the figure on it's own. To be clear I don't think this is a bad figure, the materials are high quality and it does a lot of interesting things, has a ton of articulation, it just isn't to my liking. My best suggestion on this piece is to try and get some hands on time with it if you can. I want to give a big thanks to my friend Bryan L. for letting me check out his copy of GCreation Ultra Maxmas. Check out some of the photos below and let me know what you think! 

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