Mini Review - Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider

I found this guy at a local convention for a discounted price missing his BAF pieces. I love the design of Scarlet Spider, despite not knowing much about the character so I picked him up to fight with Taskmaster. Turns out its a pretty great figure, though the hips could have some better range and a toe joint would really improve the experience. He comes with 3 sets of hands which is pretty great. I wish he came with a hood up piece similar to Spider Gwen, and as usual, some webs would be awesome to include with any Spiderman figures.

I don't mess with Marvel Legends very often so I can't really review this figure in much detail but those are my general thoughts on him. The paint work is superb with no real issues on my copy and articulation and joint strength is on part with what I would expect for a $20+ retail figure.  

I wish he had a 3mm peg hold for Tamashii stands but I was still able to pull off some cool poses with him. That handstand pose was done without any stands. It took a few tries but I eventually got him balanced. 

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