Mini Review - Mastermind Creations R-19 Kultur

I’m late to the game here, only picking up Kultur on his third release so there’s really no sense in me going all out on a review here. What I will tell you is that Kultur is a fantastic release from MMC, well worth a pick up for any fan of the modern Transformers Comics and he looks phenomenal with the rest of his team. He is fantastically articulated with every joint you would expect out of a modern third party release.

My only, admittedly incredibly slight and possibly nitpicky, concerns with Kultur mainly come down to aesthetics. The face mask looks incredible, however it casts harsh shadows that make the bright metallic eyes underneath the mask nearly impossible to see, some sort of red lens or a solid backing with metallic paint in the eyes of the mask would be an incredible improvement. LEDs would be incredible but that’s never been a Mastermind Creations design choice so I wouldn’t expect them to start now. I also would like some way to stagger his fusion cannons, as they sit parallel and in the comic design they are actually offset slightly.

Mastermind Creations Kultur is an incredible labor of love to bring a fan favorite comic book character to life in plastic. I applaud Mastermind Creations for their dedication to the fan-base and yet another stellar release! Bravo!

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