Gallery - Planetary Annihilation Invictus Statue (Kickstarter Exclusive)

This piece was loaned to my by a good friend of mine, Curtis (@ItsChiggins on Twitter) for a quick gallery. This statue is a limited edition backer reward for higher level backers of Planetary Annihilation on Kickstarter. The statue base is signed by the development team for the game.

Speaking of great PC games, don't forget to vote for Goldeneye Source for Mod of the year over on ModDB. My friend Curtis is Co-Creator of GoldenEye: Source (PC)!

 GoldenEye: Source is a free Half Life 2 multiplayer total conversion that runs on Windows PC, they are currently in the running for MOD of the Year on MODDB's TOP 100.  There is 1 day left to help show your support and vote for them.  Click here to vote.

You can also purchase his custom hack and slash inspired commander in game, just search for EnzoMatrix!

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