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Gallery - Generation Toy Gravity Builder (GT-01A/01B/01C/01D/01E/01F)

"Human creatures of earth, We come in peace. We come to you to preach the message of unity, Co-operation, and goodwill between our races... Ours is a message of kindness..."

Gallery - Mastermind Creations Kultur, Cynicus, and Anarchus

"This is the D.J.D. We bring you good news and bad news. The bad news: One of your number has transgressed. He knows who he is. The good news: If you hand him over we'll let the other six of you watch while we kill him. You have 15 minutes to work out where your loyalties lie."

Review - Dx9 Toys - War in Pocket Stormtroopers (X16, X28-X32)

Seekers are elite officers in the Decepticon army, and are expected to fulfill a leadership role on the battlefield in commanding other Decepticon troops. Seekers are expected to show absolute loyalty to the Decepticon cause. The Seekers all take on the same body type out of respect to their commander, Starscream, and hold a position of prestige within the Decepticon ranks.