Mini Review - Titans Return Chromedome

A recent fan favourite thanks to the incredible Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye comic series published by IDW Comics, Chromedome has been a long time coming and many collectors including myself are happy to finally have a modern representation on our shelves, and in the same line as an IDW inspired Rewind to boot! 


At first glance you might think Chromedome is a heavy retool of the Combiner Wars Dead End mould and you're not entirely wrong. He utilises the same transformation scheme and overall engineering with a few unique twists thrown in. Despite this I don't feel like I'm messing with a retool or repaint. He feels a lot more solid and is overflowing with detail and character in a way that the Combiner Wars mould just didn't. 

The alt mode is blocky and futuristic with a nice heftiness that makes him fun to play with. The functioning cockpit and titan master implementation are excellent. I just wish he had his signature twin rifles. The supplied weapons aren't bad and the larger gun can be set up as a gunners seat on the roof of Chromedome's vehicle mode. 

Chromedome's frame is incredibly bulky which I feel homages his G1 self well enough, with the Hasbro headmaster face-plate clearly paying tribute to the characters current comic book appearance. Strangely despite his obvious IDW comics inspiration he has a blue visor reminiscent of the cartoon models blue eyes rather than the modern yellow visor. Chromedome is solid and fun to mess with and probably my second favourite of the new Autobot Headmasters deluxe figures, only lagging behind the masterpiece that is Deluxe Brainstorm.


 His articulation is fairly basic and he could definitely use some better guns more closely resembling his G1 weaponry but all in all Titans Return Chromedome is a home run in my book.

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