Review - Dx9 Toys - War in Pocket Stormtroopers (X16, X28-X32)

Review - Dx9 Toys - War in Pocket Stormtroopers (X16, X28-X32)

Seekers! Transform for aerial domination! Dx9 has brought us a full fleet of legends scale, G1 style seekers for all you War in Pocket fans! These duplicitous jets are sold in complete trios with awesome retro style packaging! They also have some of the coolest/funniest third party names I've ever seen. X16 Usurper (Starscream), X28 Bluebolt (Thundercracker), X29 Skyshaker (Skywarp), X30 Rashcollider (Ramjet), X31 Gallower (Dirge), X32 Noisybragger (Thrust). While they may look like deluxe scale figures rest assured that these will fit in with most of your existing Dx9, Iron Factory, or Hasbro/Takara legends scale collection!

Alt Mode

Jet modes on these guys are absolutely phenomenal. Easily the match (or better) of the classic Has/Tak Deluxe Seeker mold in a more travel friendly form factor. They feature an asymmetrical transformation that utilizes the arms to fill out the central cavity of the jet leaving them looking actually quite a bit more solid than their Deluxe cousins.

Seek and Destroy!

The classic trio of Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp look incredible together and really evoke feelings of nostalgia in me for this iconic team. They have sharply painted stripes on their wings and tails, glossy plastic finishes, and awesome use of translucent amber for the cockpits. Having this team all together for some photos really gave me the warm fuzzies™. Did you know I still, to this day, do not own a complete Seeker trio? Even worse it’s usually my favorite one, Skywarp, that’s missing! He’s missing from my CHUG collection due to his being an exclusive, missing from my MP display due to his high cost, and this set is on loan to me so I technically can’t even say I have a complete legends team! This needs to be remedied soon!

The “Coneheads” as they are so often called are a far more visually diverse and interesting team. The differing wings and far more aggressive styling lend them to appear far more striking as a team. There’s no denying the nostalgia wave of the main 3 but these guys just look awesome! Ramjet looks fast and terrifying, Thrust is a sci-fi style monstrosity. And the gold wings on Dirge are particularly well done. This is a brilliant threesome. I think Thrust could have used a little bit of paint to break up the grey especially on his rotors but otherwise there is not much to pick on here in jet mode.

Features are pretty much the same throughout. Flip out landing gear can be exposed from the rear of the jets, from the portion that forms the robot mode’s legs. The front landing gear is permanently exposed as it is molded into one of the robots arms. There are peg holes on the bottoms of the wings to accommodate their respective weaponry. You can use the exposed hand on the underside as a Tamashii stand connector but the balance takes some work. You can also use one of the wing mounts if you don’t have weaponry equipped.

Robot Mode

As awesome as these sets look in a high flying jet formation, they are equally jaw dropping as robots! Transformation on all these guys is nearly identical with only slight variations when it comes to the unique wings of Ramjet, Dirge, and Thrust. Go slowly and you can easily manage without instructions if you are a veteran, but given the small nature of these figures don’t be afraid to refer to the instructions if needed, especially when it comes to the arms.

Everything feels comfortable and ends up where it’s meant to with the slight modification being that the tail fins on Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp all end up hidden on their back rather than attached to the side of their legs. This cleans up the legs making them very accurate to the G1 animation model, but I feel it robs them of what I typically consider to be a staple of the Seeker design. The engineering to allow this is quite clever as it also utilizes the flaps on their wings allowing for the iconic wing tips in bot mode. Ultimately I feel this is an engineering success that effects the aesthetics in a way many people will probably find preferable, despite my personal tastes.

"You traitor! You let the Autobots get away!"

The proportions on bot mode for the classic seekers are almost perfect. They look incredible as a team and there is a lovely metallic paint used on the chest and pelvis of the classic seekers, with additional details on the shins picked out nicely. Unlike the Deluxe Seeker mold there are no hollow gaps in the chest due to the unique transformation of the arms. The ball jointed elbows are a bit ugly, and the face sculpts aren’t anything to write home about due to their size. I realised after finishing this gallery, thanks to a comment on Instagram, that one of the chest turbines on Starscream was protruding. Sure enough this was an easy fix, it just needed to be pushed in and it stayed in place quite well. Unfortunately this was well after spending several hours shooting which I had no intention of re-doing. I’m using the excuse that my bedroom was cold while I took these shots. Sorry Screamer!

"Go fly in circles 'Screamer. If treason is what it takes to be rid of you, so be it..."

My main beef with these three comes in how the heads were implemented. There is a plank that folds over from the rear that has the head mounted on it. Once transformed the classic Seekers heads sit a bit high on a very obvious plate, and sit very far back. This makes them a nightmare to look at from certain angles and is not an issue shared by their Conehead counterparts. On top of this, due to the small size, the face sculpts appear amateurish in comparison to those featured on the Coneheads. This is by no means a deal breaker but certainly could have been handled better. All things considered this is an awesome little team of bots that I personally enjoyed playing with more than my Deluxe CHUG versions.

🎶 "Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of The Decepticons!" 🎶 

Ramjet, Thrust, and Dirge are practically perfect in every way. Everything that was done well about the classic trio is here, with the addition of perfectly implemented ball jointed heads. The heads are in the perfect location as they are simply the nosecones turned around, and can even look up and down a little bit. The faces on these three are also far more expressive and well formed in my opinion.

"I was a young cone myself once. Before I met Beldar."

Ramjet has a perfect up-turned snarl, Thrust is stoic and contemplative, and Dirge looks like he just ejected his countermeasures by accident. I think the larger size, and use of flat grey plastic instead of paint really allowed for the details in these face sculpts to shine compared to the other three. Their unique weapons and wing shapes really make for a more visually interesting team. I have nothing negative to say about these three despite my personal bias typically leaning toward the traditional seekers.

Articulation is adequate on these figures, but there’s nothing really to write home about. Ball joints at the shoulders, elbows, and hips. Thigh swivels, 90 degrees at the knee and a decent ankle rocker. No waist swivel and no wrist articulation outside of one of the hands folding away for transformation. Don’t be alarmed if the other hand (the one with the landing gear) falls off while you fiddle with them, as it is just pegged into the forearm. In form and function this is basically the Has/Tak Seeker with added ankle tilts and a slightly altered transformation. If the deluxe figure’s articulation is still good enough for you, and you want a slightly improved legends scale version, this is absolutely the go to team!

Behold! My fleet of nearly identical but distinct to me transforming robits!

Final Thoughts

I had a blast checking out these sets thanks to my buddies at Blast Off Toys. They are well built, with a fun transformation, great aesthetics, and a nice competitive price point (You can get all 6 for the price of three Iron Factory Seekers). They don’t come with a lot of extras, some coronation gear for Starscream, or maybe some flight stands would have been appreciated, though this likely would affect that attractive price. I would happily recommend either or both sets to anyone who wants an awesome G1 style set of Legends scale Seekers. I’m usually not a huge fan of the Coneheads in comparison to the others but I found myself heavily favoring the three of them during my time with these figures. If you are only going to pick up one set my vote is for the robot lawn dart team.

Thanks for checking out the review! The full gallery is posted below and as always please don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, toss a like on there that would be awesome, and please don’t hesitate to comment down below, message me on Facebook, or email me with your comments, critique, or requests!


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