Gallery - Custom Jetwing Optimus Prime [Customized by Bryan Liu]

This is a commissioned photo set for a good friend of mine, Bryan. He wanted some photos of his custom Jetwing Optimus Prime, and I was curious to see what I could do with a large movie style figure like this. It actually proved to be a bit too large for my shooting space so I had to make some changes on the fly. The shots were also taken over a few days, as such I tried to keep everything consistent but slight changes in lighting may be apparent throughout the gallery. 

The customization that has been done as per Bryan is as follows.

- Custom, Professional chrome has been applied to the wings, canisters and machine guns. These were originally a silver painted plastic.

- The shoulder plates have been modified to sit higher up.

- The wheels on the side of Prime's legs have been modded so that they can sit flush along side the leg in robot mode.

- The chrome smoke stacks are aftermarket replacements that have been slid over the original stacks.

- Minor paint apps on arms and legs, some silver and gold details. 

Between the immense size of this piece, and the brilliant chrome finish this was a challenging piece to shoot and I hope I have done the figure justice with these photos. 

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