Mini Review - Sen-Ti-Nel RioBot R04 Gurren Lagann

I finally picked up this awesome figure, on the recommendation of my buddy Kuma Style. I have no regrets at all. This is truly the premium Gurren Lagann collectible for my shelf.

There are some stylization choices such as the emblems on the shoulders, and the hip and leg armor, but the core of the design is still intact and recognizable to any Gurren Lagann fan. Gurren Lagann is my all time favorite anime and I have been hunting for that "just right" collectible for my display. While Revoltech offers a lot of options for display, I find the quality to be sub par and I wanted something more high end. Sen-Ti-Nel's RioBot R04 Gurren Lagann fits the bill perfectly!

The figure is amazingly poseable, and has a ton of awesome little engineering tricks. My personal favorite feature is that the eyes on the chest are geared with the neck and follow where the head is looking. It's super cool to see in person!

It also includes tons of accessories for replicating action scenes from the anime, and an awesome display stand! My only slight concern with the figure is that the backpack clips on fairly loose, or rather, the panel on the back of the Gurren Lagann that the wing pack clips on to is fairly loose, so you have to be careful with that but otherwise this figure is nearly flawless.

If you're a Gurren Lagann fan you owe it to yourself to pick up this figure. Unfortunately the release is a few years old now so the only reliable place to pick one up is on the secondary market. At the time of release Sen-Ti-Nel was a small company just building a name for themselves. Now they are easily one of the top figure manufacturers/producers/designers in the industry today. This has caused some of their older pieces to really jump in price so keep an eye out for a nice deal if you're looking to add this figure to your collection! 

Check out the full hi-res gallery below, and let me know what you think in the comments section! You can also reach me via email @ with any questions, comments, or review requests! Let me know what you'd like to see me review or photograph next! 

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